Fitness Program That Meets my Needs…

Over the past weeks I’ve been looking for a fitness program that would fit my needs…

I was looking for a program that meet the following requisites:

  1. NOT BORING… Meaning that the program should have a lot of different workouts. I get bored easily doing the same thing for a long time… like running or cycling for 1 hour!
  2. BEEN developed by some one who knows about it!
  3. There PROOF of success.

Did I find it?


I found out Tacfit Commando!

It’s simple awesome.

Scott Sonnon exercises are fun and effective. A lot of exercises are done with kettlebells!

I think I’ll give it a try… and post some results and comments later.


Saffron Extract – Demystifying the Ultimate Slimming Aid

Successful weight-loss pursuits have become synonymous with one supplement – saffron extract. Simply put, millions throughout the world are finally shedding pounds thanks to the nature-derived slimming aid. Despite that, countless people still don’t know what saffron really is and couldn’t explain why it’s so effective. Well, those who’d like to broaden their knowledge of today’s best fat buster should just read on.

saffron extractA Supplement’s Roots

Here’s a question that should be answered right away: what exactly is saffron? In the simplest sense, it’s just a plant (it’s mostly like onion, except that it boasts of a beautiful purple flower). So, what’s the part that’s used to make supplements? It’s actually the flower’s stigma, which in turn explains why the weight-loss aid is quite expensive. After all, each bloom only contains seemingly negligible amounts of stigmas.

All about the Function

It’s time to move on to another question: how does the supplement work? As explained in, the popular slimming aid doesn’t really destroy fat. Instead, it prevents people from eating too much. To be a bit more specific, the nature-derived supplement gives weight-watchers a better mood, thus keeping them from forcibly satisfying themselves with tasty, calorie-filled food.

On the Scientific Proof

Even after reading that, skeptics (who also wish to lose weight) would wonder whether studies have been carried out to make sure that saffron actually works. Well, dozens of scientific inquiries have been done and all of them reveal one thing – the natural slimming aid is truly potent. In some studies, all the participants lost weight. In others, no volunteer ended up avoiding the capsule due to tolerability issues.

On Knowing the Finest  

It should already be clear that the supplement’s success isn’t merely a case of excellent marketing. Saffron has become the perfect partner for those with pound-shedding goals due to its sheer effectiveness. All in all, weight-watchers who still couldn’t attain the perfect body should take advantage of saffron extract’s slimming power right now.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: A New Weight Loss Miracle?

Well… I must assure you that there are no weight loss miracle! Losing weight comes with planning, effort and dedication.

But can green coffee bean extract help? For sure!

green coffee bean extract and weight loss

You may be wondering: “I drink a lot of coffee! Why I am not losing weight!?” Because the process of roasting the coffee destroys a vital substance: chlorogenic acid. This component exists in green coffee beans and boosts the metabolism, helping overweight people to lose weight!

In a recent study the subjects lost an average of 10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat! This new supplement was also featured in Dr. Oz show.

You can read more details:

Although this substance may really help you in your battle against weight, you must remember that you should also make some changes to your lifestyle. Select healthier foods and increase your level of daily activity… Why don’t you take a 20 minutes walk each day? Invite a friend and do it! Your mindset is also vital in this process. As in all processes in life you’ll find barriers… you really need to commit to your goals in order to surpass all the difficulties.

Losing Weight It’s Not That Easy!

We all heard about the dangers of being overweight. The risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes and other conditions is much higher. There’s also the psicological events… Being overweight, in today’s society, means that you’re a preferable target of bullies whether you’re a youngster or teenager at school, or a worker at your office.

Nowadays it’s not easy to lose weight. You’re constantly bombarded with fast food ads. Although there’s been a bit of effort, by authoraties, to restrict fast food offers, the fact is that people still eat a lot a junk food.

According to new data compiled by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), from 2007 to 2010 adults consumed on average 11.3 percent of their total daily calories from fast food.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Parents also have a huge responsibility. A few days I was talking to a mother of a obese kid and she told me something that reflects this. When I asked her if she knew what she had to do to help her kid, she answered: “Of I know… But I’m his mother! I can’t say no… If I wasn’t his mother I would have already solved the issue”.

There’s a lot of mis-eduction regarding nutrition. Most of the time, the problem can be solved, by changing the selection of foods, instead of just cutting the portions.

And food acts also as sometime addicted as tobacco or even drugs! Emotional eating is another big obstacle.

Adults can add some weapons to their arsenal to battle weight. Some recent research show that a few supplement can really help weight loss.

One of these is advanced Garcinia Cambogia extract supplement that contains a substance that increases the metabolic rate which permits fast burning of calories and fat. Read more here:

Indeed, losing weight ain’t that easy. But it’s totally feasible if we change the way we deal with food. With the right mindset, a slightly change in diet, increasing daily activity and taking advantage of some supplements, you’ll be able to do it. So, what’s next? Just start… :)